The newest technology is now available to you!

How do we cost effectively get our advertising message to consumers that use the Internet and email as their main channels of communication and information gathering?

Email marketing has taken off and your business has the opportunity to go one on one with your customer through an email message delivered right to his or her inbox.

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You won't find a better, more affordable vehicle to reach your potential customers.

Permission Based Email

  • can target over 70 million unique consumer email addresses.
  • 100% Compliant with The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
  • Your email with streaming video will immediately engage the eye and capture the recipient's attention
  • can customize each campaign to meet your needs, connect with your target audience and achieve the highest possible ROI.
  • We have identified up to 150 different behavioral and psychographic attributes on all of the consumers within our email database, including age, income, etc. Knowing these attributes allows us to market to those consumers that specifically meet your target market.
  • Your video adds a viral component to your marketing efforts – The recipient of your email message can forward and share with like-interested friends, family, neighbors and co-workers
  • We can create email templates that best express your brand and message - and increase response

Send your electronic message via email to 30,000+ potential customers in your market area.

All emailed customers are opt in, i.e., they have selected an option on a related website to receive promotional updates.

We can deploy the campaign in your name with a customized 4 color ad and message or with our brand new technology a video message or TV Spot for $399.00 per deployment. To receive these prices a one year (12 monthly campaigns) agreement is required.

You can send us your own previously produced video, select one of our all occasion (16+) generic promotional messages at no extra cost, or for an additional charge we can produce a custom spot for your business.

All email ads provide a link to your website home or promotional page.

We will also provide you with a tracking report that shows emails opened and click-thrus to your website.

This is a tremendous opportunity to reach your customer demographic at an extremely low cost. We all are aware that newspapers have declining subscriptions and readership. We also know that more and more people are receiving their news from the Internet.

It's easy to get started and even easier to maintain because it is turnkey. We do it all for you!

What is an E-Ad?

An E-Ad is a fully-developed, personalized video advertisement, with your own professionally produced video about your product or service. The E-Ad is presented along with your personal message in an attractive e-mail format and sent out to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of potential clients!