Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: As with all advertising, the more the viewer sees your advertisement, plus the power of your offers or buyer incentive, the better the chances of an immediate response. Sending your video email out one time will help to build top of mind awareness for your brand, but unless your offer is really powerful it might not bring great results. Just like any other media, we recommend a consistent campaign and a number of deployments over a period of months.

Q: I don't want to annoy anybody, can the email video recipient opt out of receiving our emails?

A: Absolutely, every email we send out allows the recipient to opt out or unsubscribe from our list and will immediately be removed.

Q: How do I know the video emails are being delivered and seen?

A: Two to four days after the launch date and deployment we will send you a tracking report displaying number of emails sent, emails viewed, and clicks thru to your website (if hosted by us) or to our main video site.

Q: Can I select specific demographics for the recipients?

A: Yes, VideoBusinessMail.com can target over 70 million unique consumer email addresses. We can select by zip code, age, home ownership, ethnicity, income, gender, etc. Just let us know to whom you would like to target and we'll get you a count. We customize each campaign to meet your needs to connect with your target audience and achieve the highest possible ROI. We have identified up to 150 different behavioral and psychographic attributes on all of the consumers within our email database, including age, income, music interests, active nightlife, travel, etc. Knowing these attributes allows us to market to those consumers that specifically meet your target market.

Q: Is this SPAM?

A: No, VideoBusinessMail.com is 100% Compliant with The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Q: Do I have to send a video email?

A: No, your advertisement can be a standalone HTML email or contain rich media / streaming video (we have found video to be the most effective when promoting a product or service) and will immediately engage the eye and capture the recipient's attention...

Q: Do I have to create my own Advertisement?

A: No, we are a full service advertising agency. We create email templates and produce video in house that best express your brand and message and increases response rates. The whole process is turn-key, we handle everything!

Q: Where do these email addresses come from?

A: Hundreds of websites on the Internet have been created where consumers participate in online surveys or request information and then physically opt in to receive offers and information from the original website or a partner.

Q: Why can't I do this by myself, it seems easy?

A: You can, although it's not as easy as you may think. First, you need to purchase an expensive list with your selected target demographics, Second, you will need to produce your advertisement. Third, you need a high speed server with a huge storage capability to deploy your emails (your ISP and email providers like Yahoo, Google, & AOL most likely will think you are spamming, blacklist you, and shut down your ability to send any emails out). VideoBusiness.com handles all of this safely and effectively at such a low cost that even thinking about doing it yourself is ridiculous!

Q: Where will the email recipient see that the video email is coming from?

A: All emails will display your company name on the from line which should increase the open, view and click thru percentage rate in your marketplace if you have any longevity or have done advertising in any other media.

Q: Do we have to send the emails out to the same people every month?

A: No and yes, depending on the number of target selected demographics in your selected deployment zip codes, we can send to different people if you prefer. However, we recommend sending to the same people because they are your most likely shoppers and, just as in all advertising efforts, they need to see your ad consistently. So, be persistent and change your ad, not your targets.

Q: Can I buy the list of email addresses?

A: Yes, please contact us for pricing.

Q: Can I swap between formats (video / print) as we go?

A: You're the boss, you can do anything you want!

Q: What if I don't have a website?

A: You need one! This is the 21st century. You're present future customers are using the Internet to research products and the places to buy them. The whole point of the email ad is not only to inform the consumer of your offer but to drive them to your website, and eventually, your store. VideoBusinessMail.com can build one for you free of charge! Call us for details.

Q: How often is the list cleaned/ are people who signed up 3 years ago still on the list?

A: Our lists are cleaned on a daily basis. Consumer unsubscribers and opt outs are removed immediately and invalid email addresses are removed usually within 72 hours of our receipt.

Q: How quickly can I send one out?

A: How quickly do you want to? We usually can turn around your request on a dime depending on the content you request. We have a full staff of graphic artists and voice over talent.

Q: What if there aren't 30,000 email addresses in my area?

A: We suggest expanding your area as the minimum is 30,000 emails

Q: Can you do this in Canada?

A: Yes, not a problem.

Q: Can I use my own video or TV spot and how long can it be?

A: Yes, all we need is an electronic file format(you can usually get it from whoever produced your video and length is not a problem either but keep in mind the average time looking at an email is less than a minute.

Q: If I use one of your videos can I have a copy to put on my website?

A: Yes.

Have any more questions? We've got the answers! Call us at 888-261-4332 toll free!